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One day AI will make the world a better place.

We envision a world where AI can be trusted by all. To make that happen we are...

Helping PEOPLE
understand AI

It's hard to know how Artificial Intelligence can affect your life, if no one has shown you how it works or what to look out for.

AI Ethics Case Studies

Noah Wittman hosts
AI Truth's new podcast
One Great Leap

The Future of AI

  1. Why start AI Truth?

  2. What did you do at IBM? How did you get involved with AI?

  3. One thing to know about modern tech?

  4. Biggest changes how society interacts with tech in next 5-10 yrs?

  5. One thing you'd change about modern tech?


Cortnie Abercrombie
CEO & Founder, AI Truth

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Theresa Kushner
AI Consultant at NTT Data, 
fmr SVP Analytics at Dell


Doug Laney
Author of"Infonomics"

& Principal at Caserta

  1. In 5 years, 50% of Data Science jobs will be automated? How will that work?

  2. What areas should I seek to automate now?

  3. What skills should I look for in Data Scientists?

  4. How will I know I hired a good Data Scientist?

  5. Should they have professional certifications on AI Ethics or AI design?


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