Why AI Truth?

In a recent AI survey 71% of respondents thought AI would have a noticeable impact on their daily life in the next five years. Yet, 66% percent of people knew little to nothing about AI. Nonetheless, 85% were concerned about security and privacy of personal information as well as what would happen to their jobs. With those statistics and the fact there is very little available on AI guidance, standards, policy, programs, laws or curriculum; it seems We the People have urgent work to do to empower ourselves to safeguard our rights, privacy and jobs.


Empowerment can be hard to obtain when all the media perspectives are sensationalist and polarized. AI is portrayed both as the savior of man-kind and also our demise. Even the experts disagree vehemently with each other. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but for the average person, its hard to tell what parts matter to us and what parts are rhetoric.  We need real truth and understanding.

Why now?

We could not be in a more important time for the development of AI because progress is moving forward unyieldingly as is adoption of AI by major public, government and corporate institutions. AI is a fast-developing experimental field that We the People will all be impacted by, whether it's driving a car on the roads with the rest of us or inside a corporate system deciding who gets their medical claim paid and who does not. So it's time for us to start planning for the AI future that we want now, not hoping that it will somehow take care of itself.

What's the plan?

Knowlege. Collaboration. Action. 

Share the Knowledge. We have to understand what AI is and how it works by itself and with other key technologies such as connected devices (i.e. cell phones, cars, watches, planes) and automation. The goal of AI Truth is to share as much knowledge about AI as possible from AI practitioners and business leaders who are using it. This will be made available via a book, curated reading lists, videos, blogs and collaborative posts which can be accessed via AITruth.org. 

Surface the Issues. We have to discuss the issues and impacts of AI and collaborate with AI practitioners, researchers and developers. AI Truth will provide online and face to face forums for surfacing the issues that are most immediate and concerning to the public and business leaders. 

Prepare for Action. We have to create and enact programs with the public, industry, government and AI community that ensures that AI will be beneficial to all of us. This starts with outlining what we can all do today to help this happen. 

A Little about the Founder

My name is Cortnie Abercrombie. From my own experiences working at IBM on custom Artificial Intelligence solutions with Chief Data Officers, Chief Analytics Officers, and Chief Data Scientists, I know that we are at a precipice in time. AI is not yet ubiquitous, it is in its infancy - before it has become irreversibly ingrained in corporate systems, before laws are set, before algorithmic bias is set on a grand-scale, before the majority of corporate leaders know how to operationalize AI in their companies. Right now is the time to start engaging, inserting our opinions into the AI debates as public and business leaders with our collective knowledge about our career fields and start enacting change.