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Help us create external pressure on AI companies and regulators. 


This book is what Weapons of Math Destruction would have been if it were written during a pandemic, mRNA vaccinations, a capitol breach, Russian social media PsyOps, AI-hiring, pervasive predictive policing and more.


Help us launch this book and educate the public about the impact poorly contrived AI can have. Host a book club or book signing, share social media quizzes, provide a 1-minute interview, sign up to write a rating on Amazon.

Research in Progress

What Should CoRporations do to ensure responsible ai?

Corporate AI Ethics Best Practices

A Study in Realities, Risks, and Rewards

There is a big difference in what corporations are talking about and what they are actually doing. There are no standards yet. We are digging into processes, the people, and the tools and tech companies are using to get a handle on developing and governing AI responsibly. We are looking at use of internal and external boards as well as the way data science practitioners approach the issues. This ought to be exciting. We will publish the research in Springer Nature's AI and Ethics Journal. 

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