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Four Questions About AI You Wanted to Ask

But didn't want anyone to think didn't know

I thought I’d start off the new year with a 4-part series that answers questions about Artificial Intelligence that I’ve been asked by friends, clients and relatives. Maybe you have had these questions yourself.

Part 1: What is AI anyway?

Part 2: What can AI do that no other systems can do?

Part 3: Hasn’t AI been around forever? Why the comeback?

Part 4: Why do businesses want AI? What are they using it for?

This series aims to make you knowledgeable about the catalyst for how AI came back to importance, the reasons why so many businesses are now starting to use it, and how it’s beginning to be everywhere in society – whether its presence is known or not. Above is the list topics in the series. I plan to produce one a week and put them out on as well as LinkedIn and Medium. As always, part of my goal is to stimulate discussion and interaction so please feel encouraged to make your thoughts and questions known.



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