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Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. Yeah right!

Are you one of the ones who has just given up on privacy?

I recently sat with a group of women ranging from mid-40's up to 80 years old; and one of them in the course of our your-data's-not-safe discussion said, “why do I care about data privacy anyway”. I was shocked. Then she added, “if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear”.

I don’t have anything to hide, but I still shut the bathroom door when I go for crying out loud. To me that’s the definition of privacy. It’s not that there’s something evil going on, it’s just that people don’t need to know everything going on all the time.

I have really not even considered that a person wouldn't want their privacy. I mean yeah, it’s virtually impossible these days to get privacy without opting out of life, but, to not even strive for it... to not even think it valuable. Wow! So then of course, this got me thinking are there others out there who don't care about their privacy?

I went looking online (I’m nothing if not ironic), to see if others agreed with this mentality. Low and behold there are tons of people who have just given up or they have this "nothing to hide” idealism. See this article of an employee having a chip implanted in him. I mean seriously! Is there any line we won’t cross for onvenience sake?

I'm very interested to hear everyone's perspectives. Please share your fears about privacy or why you are not concerned about it. Was there a specific moment when privacy saved you or did you in?


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The nothing to fear line is a nice little program, good to help humans repeat and relax or ignore the fact that they are in the middle of another heist. Are we in the middle of a huge data snatch in the guise of disease chaos? How does machine learning get its schooling? Is it true that it learns to be stronger through unusual data? Is this a part of our lockdown story? Am i living in a world where people choose not to think and feel for themselves? Intuition left me out of the social media world and a need for organic human connection....

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